Just A Reminder: Enjoy Now

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Have you found yourself complaining lately? Focusing so much on what you still want to accomplish or achieve that you forget to take delight in what you already have? Maybe you’ve faced a difficult circumstance lately that has resulted in feelings of defeat, sadness, or regret.

We’ve all had moments where we’ve found ourselves in an “unhappy” state. And naturally, it’s quite difficult to sit back and smell the roses when you can’t see past the weeds.

It’s amazing how easy it is to find something to complain about, nitpick, or gripe over because there will always be things you want to change. We’re humans, and if you never change, you’ll never grow. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the journey along the way.

I know sometimes you’re too busy to take a moment for yourself. When you have others depending on you and/or wear a million hats, it’s hard to really enjoy the moment because you’re so consumed with creating the next moment. Life has a way of knocking the wind right out of you and bringing you to your knees, but you don’t have to stay there. No matter how tough the matter may be, you decide how you’ll react, how you’ll recover. And you don’t have to allow anything or anyone keep you from having joy, from feeling happy, or from smiling despite what’s going on.

So here’s a friendly reminder to enjoy nowOnce this moment, this day, this week/month/year/opportunity/occasion is gone, it’s gone forever, so you might as well smile about it. Even if you don’t entirely like your current situation or would change it in a heartbeat if you had the power, you still have something to be grateful for.

Don’t believe me? Take a deep breath. That felt good, right? You, my friend, are breathing. You’re alive. And that means that if nothing else, there is hope. This is not your end.

Don’t get so busy that you look around one day and realize that you’ve missed everything. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy now.

Just a reminder,


2 thoughts on “Just A Reminder: Enjoy Now

  1. This is a timely post. I was just complaining about how small my apartment is yesterday…even considering moving because of it…until my neighbor came over. She lives in a studio. She raved about how cute and spacy my place is and said she wished she could afford mine. Put everything in perspective.

    Sometimes I forget how fortunate I am.

    1. we all have those moments!

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