How to Define a TWA on 4C Hair

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There’s been a lot of debate regarding what “defines” a wash and go. There isn’t a “one size fits all” method to achieving a wash and go, and if you want super defined coils, you may not be able to literally wash your hair and head out the door. In this video, askpRoy shows us how she defines her TWA, which requires more than washing and going.

Keep in mind (as askpRoy notes in this video), products do not create curls- they only enhance the curl pattern you already have. So embrace your natural texture! You can utilize this method to define your curls, which will stretch your wash and go and result in beautifully defined curls.

Here are a few key tips to take away:

1. Start on hair that is well-saturated.
2. Use enough product, but not too much (find that balance).
3. Sometimes your fingers are great for defining curls because you can manipulate the hair more easily than using a comb or brush.
4. Do not touch the hair while it dries!
5. Dry completely before shaking, picking, or manipulating the hair.

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11 thoughts on “How to Define a TWA on 4C Hair

  1. I use Cantu and curls unleashed. I have to mix them to get the coils that I desire. Nothing I’ve tried so far works as well as those two together for me.
    Experiment with products to find something that really, really works the way you want for you.

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