How To Achieve the Perfect Perm Rod Set on 4C Natural Hair

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4c naturals often stray away from certain styles for the fear of frizz or that they won’t turn out right. Always remember that you can (and should) try any style you want! Perm rods are a great, heatless way to achieve beautiful, bouncy curls. This was Dephne Madyara‘s first time trying this style, and the curls came out soft, shiny, and super defined. Here are a few tips to ensure perm rod perfection:

1. Start on hair that has already been properly detangled and stretched to achieve better elongation.
2. Keep the hair taut as you install the perm rod in order to prevent frizz during takedown.
3. Don’t get too heavy handed with the products if you don’t want your hair to take forever and a day to dry.
4. Do not over-separate the hair in order to prolong the style.

How do you achieve flawless perm rod sets? Weigh in!


4 thoughts on “How To Achieve the Perfect Perm Rod Set on 4C Natural Hair

  1. do you use end papers on the rods

    1. Yes, you can use them to help smooth your hair down.

  2. The results are lovely. I’ve tried perm-rod sets on my 4c hair and wish I can avoid the frizz butI just deal with it.

    1. Make sure when you are removing your rods that your hair is fully dry and try not to separate the curls too much.

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