4 Ways to Preserve Straight Hair in the Summer

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Preserving straight hair during the summertime is not always easy: you have to fight humidity, sweat, rain, and intense heat. However, there are ways to fight the elements and preserve your hair for weeks with the right tools and tricks. (Mind you, starting with hair that has been flat ironed to perfection will cause you to be more likely to hold on to the style a little longer).

1. Try a little oil and a good wrap.

If your hair is still standing by the end of the day or has only frizzed up slightly, all you probably need to do is apply a little oil and wrap it for the night. A secure wrap will help tame a small amount of frizz. Plus, it’s the quickest, easiest way to set straight hair at night. (Don’t forget that scarf!)

2. Put your flexi rods to work!

Flexi rods are one of the best ways to add curls and/or body to straight hair. They will keep your hair stretched, allow you to switch up your styles, and help keep you from getting bored with your hair for however long you choose to keep it straight. Plus, the best thing about flexi rods is that depending on how many you use and/or what size, you can create anything from loose, beachy waves to springy, Shirley Temple curls. You can also opt to comb the curls out with a wide tooth comb for beautiful flow that is sure to impress.

3. Fleek those edges.

If you exercise or do any kind of work that causes you to sweat, try to keep your hair stretched out with an elastic headband of some kind. Even then, your edges may still frizz up. That’s when you can employ the use of some type of edge control to get them back in line. “Fleeking” your edges can take any style from eh to wow in a matter of minutes! (Check out Mo Knows Hair as she lays her edges towards the end of this video).

4. When all else fails, protective style.

If your hair has frizzed up beyond manageability but you still want to get a day or two out of your style, resist the urge to press it out again. I know, it’s tempting! (Been there and have the heat damage recovery journey to prove it), but it’s totally not worth it. Throw it up in a bun or any range of other protective styles such as these crown braids:


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