3 Flawless Roller Set Curl Tutorials

Roller setting was a necessity with my relaxed hair. Natural hair is not often paired with roller setting on wash day, but it can be. I may be the only one, but I assumed because my hair is natural, roller setting was a no no. I was wrong! Roller sets on natural hair produces dopeness. The best part is that you don’t even need to apply any heat. You just need to apply the right amount of tension, a good product and give your hair plenty of time to dry. Check out the natural beauties below and their roller set tutorials.

roller setting natural hair

First up we have Toni of My Natural Sisters with a flawless, heatless roller set. For the hold she uses mousse and lightly adds styling gel to her hair. Toni advises to fluff for fullness, but avoid over fluffing to prevent frizz.

Jouelzy’s roller set on her natural 4C hair looks amazing! It’s by far one of the most on point roller set tutorials we have ever seen done on 4C hair and absolutely no heat is used. Her is thoroughly moisturized by adding in product and using the Qredew hair steamer. Her hair is combed out section by section using a rat tail comb and set using small sized perm rods. For the front portion of her hair flexi rods are used.




Last but not least, check out YouTube Vlogger, Ivie011.

She uses leave in conditioner and some oil. Personally, I wouldn’t comb out my hair the way she did to preserve and maintain the curls. However, her goal was to achieve a more full and stretched out style which is a neat alternative to heat styling.



Have you tried roller-setting your hair?

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