3 Natural Hair Trends to Try This Fall

Fall TrendsFall is definitely upon us and although in my neck of the woods, that means unpredictable weather, I know cooler days are coming and I thoroughly look forward to them.

Regardless, fall is a great time to try something new with your hair and we’ve got the styles to do it with. We’re featuring two funky protective style and one flawless, beautiful stretched style. All of them are great for multiple hair lengths and can be done with no heat!

1. Threaded (Wearable) Bantu Knots

I know you’re probably thinking you wouldn’t be caught dead in your bantu knots, but these just might change your mind. Naptural85 found a way to make this hairstyle super chic and real life-ready. The best part is that when you’re done protective styling for the week, you’ll have an epic bantu knot-out to wear for the weekend.


2. Wand Curls (On Stretched Hair)

Of course this isn’t a new style, but for the fall, wand curls are the perfect romantic style, especially if you’re pressed for time or don’t feel like going through the effort of doing a rod set. You don’t have to flat iron your hair to rock these; in fact, they look even more voluminous, full, and fabulous when styled on stretched hair. For five heatless ways to stretch your hair, check out this post.

There are a ton of wand curl tutorials on YouTube, so here are a couple of our faves from GlamTwinz334, who have long natural hair, and HeyItsPorshe, who’s currently rocking the dopest asymmetrical bob ever!


3. Puff Ball Pig Tails (Space Buns)

ItsMyRayeRaye’s “space buns” have been insanely popular on Instagram, so we threw this one in for fun! These space buns are easy, fun, quirky, and bold. They’re great for when your hair is on its last leg or if you just want to try something new, and can be achieved on stretched hair. The best part is they don’t have to be perfect to look gorgeous.

What style(s) do you plan on trying this season?


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  1. E Johnson says:

    Don’t you guys have more hair tips and products for older gray hair? As you can suspect older gray hair is more wiry. I need some tips to manage my gray hair. Thank you.

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