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7 Healthy Hair Practices that Seem Small But Make a Huge Difference

healthy hair practices
It doesn’t always take drastic measures to see improvement in your hair, sometimes it’s the little things that count. Here are 7 seemingly small changes that you can make to your regimen that will no doubt help you achieve your goal of healthy hair.

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#1 Moisturize and pineapple your hair before going to bed
This way you will wake up to more manageable tangle free hair. You can always twist or braid your hair to prevent matting as well, but pineappling (wearing a high ponytail) is a faster way you can protect your hair at night.

#2 Keep your satin bonnet or scarf on your nightstand 

Always wrap your hair at night. Keep it nearby so whenever you are ready to call it a night your bonnet is always within reach. This prevents your hair from becoming too dried out and protects your hair from breakage. The friction from cotton bed sheets and pillowcases will break off your hair. Even if you have locs still wrap your hair to prevent lint buildup. Don’t like bonnets? Alternatively you can use a satin pillow case.

#3 Invest in a spray bottle, fill with water and spritz your hair as needed

When our hair is dry the first thing that we think to reach for is more product. However, sometimes what your hair is really craving is water. It’s hard for many of us to wrap our mind around this concept because we have been trained to think water is the enemy, but trust me it’s not! Spritz your hair (don’t saturate) when you feel your curls need to be refreshed, it will reactivate product that is already in your hair and leave your hair feeling more moisturized.

#4 Ditch the damaging hair accessories

Rubberbands or elastics with the metal pieces are horrible for your hair. They rip and tear at the hair when you remove them. Stay away from these or use very sparingly if they are absolutely necessary for your style. Some great safe styling accessories include: the puff cuff, ouchless ponytail holders, stretchy headbands, or an old pair of pantyhose.

#5 Cut down or eliminate your use of brushes

Brushes are another way you could be unintentionally ripping your hair out. Instead of relying on brushes for smoothing your hair down, apply your favorite moisturizing product, wrap a satin or silk scarf tightly around your head, let it set for a while and then remove for a more sleek look. Of course if it is absolutely required for the style you are trying to achieve go for it. Avoid using a brush when you can and use a boar bristle brush for smoothing when you do find a brush necessary.

#6 Only comb your hair using a wide tooth comb when damp or with product added to it for some slip

Never, ever, ever comb your hair while it is bone dry. If you don’t want your hair to be dampened use product instead. Otherwise detangling your hair will not only be painful, but it will also cause some breakage.

#7 Sometimes your hands are your best tool

Your hands can feel tangles and knots that combs or brushes simply can’t. While a finger combing regimen certainly isn’t for everyone, using your hands to work out kinks prior to detangling is a healthy hair habit everyone can benefit from. Feel around for tangles and loosen your hair up some with your hands before grabbing your comb, this is especially helpful if you know that your hair is badly tangled.

Ariane (Editor-in-Chief)

I am Ariane, full-time curly crusader, wife and mom. On this website we offer natural hair products, FREE natural hair tips, style ideas and support. More about my hair journey can be found here.

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  1. Geraldine says:

    Glovers was use before the sixties and beyond. Used by Africans to grow hair. It was a liquid that was used before you washed your hair. Left on for some hours,had to be shampooed before going (any) where it worked

  2. I do use my fingers mostly to detangle and style my hair, but I find that using the Denman brush for roller set and sleek styles help as well. I do need to find satin accessories like bows, hats liners, and ponytail holders. Any suggestions on where to purchase them?

  3. Geraldine says:

    Is glovers mange still used as a product to grow black hair. It smelled horrible but did the job.

    1. Kanisha says:

      Never heard of/used it!

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