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How to Do a Fermented Rice Water Rinse for Stronger and Softer Hair

Asian women have been using rice water for their hair and skin for centuries. A 2010 study focused on Japanese women who used rice water found that it improved the condition of the hair’s elasticity. So if you are looking for an all natural way to strengthen your hair the amino acids, vitamin E and minerals in fermented rice water may just do the trick.

There are a plethora of rinses out there that you can try from beer (yes beer!) to coconut water, but what impresses me the most about rice water rinses, is that there is scientific research to support that this can actually benefit your hair.

Ariane (Editor-in-Chief)

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  1. Robbie says:

    How much rice do you use? And do you ferment with the lid on or off?

  2. Gwen says:

    I am so afraid to try this. My hair is low porosity and does not react to products like most people’s hair. And super fine hair as well. So, I am quite sceptical

    1. My hair is low porosity as well and my hair loved it! No harm in trying.

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