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How to Do a Fermented Rice Water Rinse for Stronger and Softer Hair

rice water results
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That rice you have lingering in your cabinet has another use besides being a complement to your dinner, you can use it in your hair! Rice water rinses are used to strengthen, soften and add shine to your strands.

Step #1: Rinse your rice 

rinse rice firstRinse off your rice to remove any dirt or impurities


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  1. Alicia says:

    Hey, I recently chopped 18 inches of relaxed and IMO very much damaged hair…actually it was 4 days ago.
    I’m still crying daily…. That’s beside the point ( I needed to vent).
    My question is , how much rice do I use in addition to the 2 cups of boiled water… Also, could you share tips or a link for a natural newbie to grow health hair, styles,etc. My last relaxer was in November so I’m left with 3.5 inches of hair… that I have no idea of what to do with ! Help me please.

  2. Nice! I will definitely try this out! Have you tried adding essential oils to the rice water? Just for added benefits…could you give an update on how your hair is taking to the rice water rinses?

    1. I tried it once and I must say I like! Before I give a full opinion I would like to give it a go at least three more times. No I haven’t added essential oils to my rice water, just plain old rice water. The natural that shared this recipe posted an update on instagram:

      1. I have heat damage around my edges help please

    2. If you’re using essential oils, you *must* use an emulsifier in order to mix it in with water. Oil + water = do NOT mix together on their own.

  3. Michelle Mathies says:

    I had a weave in my head 2 years ago and cut it out myself and I cut a bald spot in the middle of my head and the hair does not want to grow back yet what should I do

    1. I did something similar some years back. I had a ponytail weave and I was being impatient and ended up ripping out some of the middle section of my hair. I did take some time before that spot was restored (I believe it took at least a year). The best I can say is nourish it consistently, condition, and don’t wear styles that put tension on that area I would advise against braid or twist extensions because it could further agitate the situation. You may want to try doing updo’s with your own natural hair that way it will hide the spot and also be a low manipulation styles.

  4. Please my hair breaks so much and it sheds so much too. Will the rice water rinse help? Or what else should I do? Thanks

    1. Rice water rinses may help because it has been shown to improve the elasticity of hair. I actually did one this past weekend and I do feel I saw an improvement. Normally when my hair is wet I do find it to be more fragile but the last time I washed my hair a couple of days back it seemed to be very strong even in its wet state. I do want to give the rice water rinse a couple of more goes before I give my final verdict on it, but so far I love it! For more information about growth see this page:

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