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Simple Spring Hairstyles Achieved in Minutes Using Flowers From Fatima

Spring is in the Hair

Sometimes all you need is that one simple accessory to give your hairstyle some pop. Using a Flowers From Fatima hair pin I was able to achieve gorgeous spring style in a matter of minutes.

For the first look I did two chunky twists on the sides of my hair and then pinned them backward. I left a little bang area out, tucked it under and pinned into place. The entire back section was rolled, upward, tucked and secured with bobby pins. To complete the look I added the flower to the side of my hair. Boom! That was it.


Puff flower

The Puff is my all time go to because it is just so easy! Using a stretchy elastic headband I gather my hair up into a high ponytail, fluff and go. The flower hair pin added a nice finishing touch.

Twist Out Flower

For my last look I set my hair in chunky twists overnight setting with whipped Shea Butter. In the morning I unraveled my twists and swept my curls to the side, sleeking my edges a bit with Creme of Nature Edge Control. The Flowers from Fatima hair pin gave this style a beautiful springy look.

flowers from fatima

I covered everyday styles that look great with minimal effort using the Flowers from Fatima hair pin. However, if you did want to do something more fancy for a formal event her hair accessories would add the perfect highlight to your look. I can so easily seeing this being used for bridesmaids, prom, and more!

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