Could Shaving Your Edges Off Regrow Them Back Healthier?

How to Re-grow Edges

It sounds crazy but…not really. If you have ever had severe hair damage and ended up doing a big chop most of you know what I am talking about. In most cases, your hair tends to flourish after a fresh cut and it tends to grow quite rapidly. Cutting hair does stimulate new growth for many people.



Thinning edges is unfortunately a common issue for many women of color. Styles that put too much tension on the scalp like super tight braids or twists overtime lead to traction alopecia. Thinning can also happen from wearing ponytails that are slicked back with gel or edge control too often. It is also advisable to refrain from using a brush all the time, as frequent brushing can damage this fragile area.

I stumbled upon YouTuber Trish Easter who had an interesting theory for a solution to thinning edges; cutting them completely off. 

The video above was flooded with a lot of mixed comments, some were negative suggesting that this idea was nuts, but to me her logic made plenty of sense. Yes, it is not the most attractive look if your hair isn’t cut into a consistent style, but she wasn’t planning on walking around with her edges exposed, she covered it with clip in extensions.

After 2 months she did an update video…

And her edges are back! 🙂 I am NOT advising anyone to run out and try this, but it goes to show what a fresh cut can do for the health of your hair.

Once your hair has been badly damaged, that’s it. It’s best to go to a professional, have them evaluate, get a cut and start anew. 

In addition, to starting fresh Trish used the following:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (many have praised this for thickening their hair).

Shea Butter

Coconut Oil

Rosemary Oil (this oil is said to stimulate growth)

When re-growing a damaged area remain patient, growth takes time. Trish did a 1 month update and she seemed frustrated because she didn’t notice much of a change, although it was a slight difference I could see a little growth peaking out. Sometimes, we are just too hard on ourselves.

Hang in there. I know it isn’t easy. Remain consistent and there is nothing wrong with using a clip in or a wig until you have regained confidence in this area.


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