Blend in for What? 3 Reasons Why Natural Hair is Dope

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why natural hair is beautiful
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We all all know that curly hair is wonderful, fantastic, amazing, and, yes, even spectacular! But just in case your appreciation needs to be refreshed because of a recent bad hair day, here are a few reminders.

Gillian Natural Spotlight Feature Pic
Natural Spotlight: Gillian

Instant Volume

Because of the winding pattern that curly hair has, it doesn’t lay flat but is raised. That means that we curly girls have been blessed with instant volume! Multiply each individual hair by the thousands, and you’ve got a mass of tresses that are outrageously beautiful and that stand up all on their own, without coercion from a curling wand or a chemical perm to create curls! And despite what television commercials portray as “beautiful hair,” lots of girls who have naturally bone straight hair really admire curly hair. Their biggest compliment? “Your hair has so much volume; it’s beautiful!”

Natural Spotlight: Bambu
Natural Spotlight: Bambu


Each person’s curls are amazingly different. From loose waves to tighter waves to spiraling “s” curls to coils that are springy and full of life, curls are exquisitely unique to each person. And once they are styled, cut and coiffed according to their various textures, their uniqueness stands out even more. Though my hair is a mix of 3b and 3c curls, I really admire 4a, 4b, and 4c curls. Talk about extraordinary texture!

Natural Spotlight: Nikisha of Urban Bush Babes
Natural Spotlight: Nikisha of Urban Bush Babes

No More Worry About Reverting

The fear of hair reverting because of being chemically straightened or temporarily straightened is nonexistent. Not that anything is wrong with flat ironing your curls every now and then; we all like an occasional change, right? But as a natural you just go with the flow. No more fighting with your hair to be something it’s not.


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What are some of your favorite things about curly hair?


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