Update: My Experience with Rice Water Hair Rinses

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rice water hair rinse conditionerBefore I  give an opinion on how something works on my hair I like to see it give me great results after multiple uses. After 3 rounds of doing rice water rinses, I am definitely a fan!

The two benefits that I experience after using rice water is super soft hair and improved elasticity. I had the best results after letting the rice water ferment for 48 hours. When I let the rice water ferment for 24 hours, the results were good but it just didn’t feel like I got the same softness that I did when it fermented for a longer time period.

Rice water on its own works great as is, however I highly recommend trying along with an essential oil like Lavendar. Doing this cool rice water rinse with a couple of drops of Lavendar felt relaxing, therapeutic and revitilizing for my strands.

rice water in bowl
My rice water in a bowl mixed with filtered water and a couple drops of Lavendar

After I put the fermatation of the rice water to a hault by heating it up on the stove for a minute or two, I add the rice water to a large bowl and dilute the rice water in cool filtered water. I then added a few drops of my essential oil and then dipped my head into the mix. I made sure I get thorough coverage and let my hair sit in the bowl for about 10 minutes.

To see how the whole rice water rinse process works, see this post: How to Do a Fermeneted Rice Water Rinse

Feel like your hair could use a boost in softness and strength? Rice water rinses get my five stars of a approval.

results of using rice water natural hair

DiscoveringNatural the YouTuber that shared this wonderful all natural conditioning recipe shared a comparison photo of her before and after results after a year of using rice water rinses.

Definitely worth a try, it’s a pretty cost effective solution for an awesome conditioner. After a few months of use (I want to aim for six months) I will have to do another update.


41 thoughts on “Update: My Experience with Rice Water Hair Rinses

  1. So I’ve been using the rice water for about a month now and I’m definitely a fan!!! I use the fermented method. However I think I’m letting it ferment too long as my curl look amazing but the smell is horrible. I usually let it sit for 4 days to a week. I may try 48 he next to see if there’s a different. Lol does anyone else experience this?

  2. Make sure you are emulsifying the essential oil and water. Adding it straight to the water is dangerous! Oil and water do NOT mix.

  3. One of the online videos suggested that you boil the rice first? Does this matter?

    1. You have to boil the rice to make rice water.

    2. There are a few no boil recipes online. I do no-boil rice water. I just allow it to ferment for a couple days and I don’t add anymore water to it. Check out what stylist Adwoa Daniels says about having to boil rice water. Her YouTube channel is Nappy2Straight.

  4. Just started using rice water – along with rice oil. I’m going for the 3 day ferment – looking forward to seeing how that turns out!

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