Update: My Experience with Rice Water Hair Rinses

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rice water hair rinse conditionerBefore I  give an opinion on how something works on my hair I like to see it give me great results after multiple uses. After 3 rounds of doing rice water rinses, I am definitely a fan!

The two benefits that I experience after using rice water is super soft hair and improved elasticity. I had the best results after letting the rice water ferment for 48 hours. When I let the rice water ferment for 24 hours, the results were good but it just didn’t feel like I got the same softness that I did when it fermented for a longer time period.

Rice water on its own works great as is, however I highly recommend trying along with an essential oil like Lavendar. Doing this cool rice water rinse with a couple of drops of Lavendar felt relaxing, therapeutic and revitilizing for my strands.

rice water in bowl
My rice water in a bowl mixed with filtered water and a couple drops of Lavendar

After I put the fermatation of the rice water to a hault by heating it up on the stove for a minute or two, I add the rice water to a large bowl and dilute the rice water in cool filtered water. I then added a few drops of my essential oil and then dipped my head into the mix. I made sure I get thorough coverage and let my hair sit in the bowl for about 10 minutes.

To see how the whole rice water rinse process works, see this post: How to Do a Fermeneted Rice Water Rinse

Feel like your hair could use a boost in softness and strength? Rice water rinses get my five stars of a approval.

results of using rice water natural hair

DiscoveringNatural the YouTuber that shared this wonderful all natural conditioning recipe shared a comparison photo of her before and after results after a year of using rice water rinses.

Definitely worth a try, it’s a pretty cost effective solution for an awesome conditioner. After a few months of use (I want to aim for six months) I will have to do another update.


41 thoughts on “Update: My Experience with Rice Water Hair Rinses

  1. How soon after using fermented rice water can you see a difference in length

    1. A few months being that on average hair grows 1/2 inch per month. Also you have to make sure your other hair care practices aren’t damaging your hair.

  2. Can I use rice water as I leave in conditioner?

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