15 of the Best Bantu Knot Styles

best bantu knot stylesBantu Knot styles are one of my favorite natural hair styles to do. Bantu knots are created by taking sections of hair, twisting it tightly around itself, and then wrapping the hair around itself in a knot. Wearing the Bantu knots in is a style on it’s own. But when the knots are released, this creates a voluminous curly, wavy style that is beautiful as well.

One thing I’ve learned is that it takes a very long time for Bantu knots to dry when done on wet or even very damp hair. If you take them down before they are dry, you will wind up with a frizzy mess on your hands. So I prefer to do them when my hair is 90% dry or completely dry to ensure the style sets perfectly.

Bantu knots can be done on any hair texture, curl pattern, or hair length. We searched the internets for the best Bantu knot styles, and these are our top 15.

#1: Flaming red Bantu knots by Curly Corner. Nothing adds pizzazz to any hairstyle like a bold and vibrant color. And this red makes these knots stand out in a crowd.



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