Choose The Best Shampoos for 4C Hair and Our Curated Top Pick

Best Shampoos for 4C Hair

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4c hair is notorious for being prone to dryness, so it’s no surprise that many are on a search for a shampoo that will not strip too much of those much needed natural oils our scalps produce. All natural hair types benefit from moisturizing shampoos, however some hair types require a rich hydrating formula more than others.


Tip #1 You May Have to Spend a Little More

Your typical cheapie shampoos are more than likely going to be way too drying for your hair. Most shampoos are created for oily hair issues, whereas your problem is the exact opposite.


Tip #2 Inspect the Ingredients List

As always pay attention to the quality of ingredients. Does the ingredients list cite natural sources that you can identify and know to be good for the health of your hair? Or is filled with a whole bunch of chemicals that you cannot even pronounce? All products will contain some form of a preservative as well as emulsifying components for safety and stability. However, the majority of what you see, and at the forefront of the list should be water followed by curl friendly ingredients.

Tip #3 Make Sure the Shampoo Has This in It!

Go with a shampoo that contains emollients like Shea Butter and a heavier oil like castor oil in its formula. You may find that a moisturizing formulation will be on the thicker side in consistency (the heavier products like the castor and Shea contribute to this).

Tip #4 Avoid Sulfates

Look out for (SLS) or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, what is known as sulfates they are very drying to hair.

With all that being said, here are some of the best shampoos for 4c hair that I recommend you should try (I have used all of these shampoos and loved the results):

#1 Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo


best shampoo 4c hairWhen you think of castor oil, heavenly smell usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, this mix smells absolutely divine. Most importantly it is extremely moisturizing and you don’t have to worry of being robbed of moisture afterward.


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2 Responses to Choose The Best Shampoos for 4C Hair and Our Curated Top Pick

  • I uses the Afflia coconut shampoo

  • The absolute best shampoo I have used is African Black Soap. Yes you can mix it up with all kinds of oils but I just take the bar and rub it on my scalp and massage in to lather thoroughly. It cleans my hair and scalp thoroughly without it feeling stripped. I prepoo with coconut oil before hand. I’ve been using it on my hair and my mothers color treated dry itchy scalp for a year and it works wonderfully for both of us.

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