7 Natural Hairstyles for Prom That Are Easy Enough to Do On Your Own

It’s officially prom season! Time for finding a dress, booking a makeup artists, and finding a hairstyle for your special night with your schoolmates. If you have naturally textured hair, there are so many options for hairstyles. The good news is you don’t have to straighten you hair to wear an elegant style. You can rock your textured hair and still feel and look fabulous.


To help you with finding the right hairstyle for your prom night, here are 10 hairstyle videos that you can try yourself or share with your hair stylist.


#1 – Twisted Faux Bun

This style is perfect because it works for almost all hair lengths. You can use your own hair, or extensions to achieve this look. It is a great style for showing off your earrings, or an embellished neckline on your prom dress.

#2 – Heatless Curls Twisted Updo

If your hair is longer, this style is great to try. Using heatless curlers to start, or start with a twist out. You can embellish your hair with pearls, jewels, or beads secured with hair pens.

#3 – 10 Minute Twisted  Updo

If you’re doing your own hair, and don’t want to spend a lot of time, you don’t have to. This style can be done in under 1o minutes, even though it looks like it took way longer.

#4 – Extravagant Faux Updo

This updo really takes it over the top. If you want to make a statement without taking a ton of time, this extravagant updo is perfect for you. Another style that’s great for shorter and longer hair lengths.

#5 – Teyonah Parris Inspired Updo

This original style was done by Felicia Leatherwood for Teyonah Parris as she attended the SAG Awards a few years ago, but it’s still a classic. If your hair is longer, you can achieve this style without using extensions. But if your hair is shorter,  you can definitely use extensions to get this same look.

#6 – Loc Late Night Updo

We couldn’t leave out the loc’d young ladies. So we had to include this gorgeous updo for those who wear their natural hair loc’d. This style is very elegant, and while it looks complicated, it’s easier that you think.

#7 – Bantu Knot Out

Not every prom hairstyle has to be a full updo. You can wear your hair loose as well, and here’s a style that lets you do that. Bantu knot outs are also great for giving the illusion of fullness to thinner hair. This style is also a great option for all hair lengths, but you’ll want to set the Bantu knots the day before to ensure they are fully dry.

Your senior prom only comes around once, so make sure your night is special and a night to remember for years to come. These hairstyle ideas for naturalistas will help take one thing off of your plate – how you’ll wear your hair. If you had to choose one of these styles for prom, which would you go with?


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