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12 Photos of Type 4 Hair Wash n Go Styles and the Products They Used

type 4 hair wash n go hairstyle
Type 4 hair wash n go styles can be achieved regardless of whether their curls happen to be really defined or not much natural definition at all. Heads up….if you are looking for curl definition and naturally you just don’t have it the process can take some time. You have to use a good product and the right technique to get the definition you are looking for. For medium length to long hair this can actually be quite time consuming because you will need to work section by section raking your hands through each section to define your coils. Nevertheless, once you achieve the look you are going for the results are well worth it and throughout the week all you will need to do is lightly refresh your hair to maintain the style. Your best bet is using a quality gel product that will not dry your hair out to get some nice definition. Here are hands down some of the best photos of type 4 naturals (types 4a to 4c) rocking wash n go styles.

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