Remove Buildup From Locs by Clarifying With These Options

All naturals, whether you are rocking or fro or locs should clarify their hair, but when you wear locs it is of the utmost importance. Unlike free flowing natural hair, locs easily acquire buildup and since the tresses are not loose buildup often gets trapped into locs. For starters you should be using lightweight products to maintain your locs. Please just say no to wax!


However, even if you avoid heavy waxes and products eventually overtime you will get product buildup which is why you should clarify your hair every so often.


The longer you wait to remove product buildup from your hair the harder it will be to get out. Try aiming to clarify your locs every month or so depending on big of a product user you are. This will help to release residue from your twisting gels so that you do not end up in a really horrible buildup situation which will ruin the beauty of your locs.

Some options for what you can use to clarify:

Clarifying Shampoos – Unlike a more moisturizing formula clarifying shampoos are designed to tackle heavy buildup.

Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water – The acidity of this solution helps to eat up residue.

Baking Soda diluted with water – While this is drying to hair,  baking soda puts in work when it comes to tackling product buildup.

Lemon Juice – Again the acidity here, works to your benefit helping dissolve and remove buildup from locs.

These solutions are more apt to tackle heavy buildup than your average shampoo. In some cases you may want to let your dreadlocks soak in what you are using to clarify so it has time to break down debris.  Here is a good look of the the buildup that comes out when you do a deep clean.

Some quick tips for reducing buildup in locs

Use lightweight products
Cover your hair at night, if your locs are longer there are extra big bonnets available
Wrap your hair if you will be doing anything messy (cleaning, gardening etc.)
Clarify regularly (Start with a routine of once per month)


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