2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Hair Lovers Featuring 21 Gift Ideas

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Hairlooms: The Untangled Truth About Loving Your Natural Hair and Beauty
Do you or someone you know need a boost in curl confidence? Author Michele Tapp Roseman shares her personal journey to fully embracing her natural beauty along with never seen before interviews from over 30 contributors like Kim Coles, MC Lyte, Nicole Ari Parker & Dr. Maya Angelou sharing their insights. Learn to love yourself from the inside out. Hair stories, healing exercises, and actionable steps.

Hot Head Thermal Deep Conditioning Cap

This tool is my go to for when I need to deep condition. I do have a professional sit under hooded hair dryer, but sometimes it isn’t always convenient to be tied down to a hair dryer. I am pretty much always on the move when I am indoors either working or caring for my baby. With the Thermal Deep Conditioning Cap you simply pop it in the microwave and place it over your head while you are wearing a plastic cap. You get the benefits of the heat to help your deep conditioner effectively penetrate your hair and you don’t have to be tied down while you deep condition.

 Au Natural Organics

Au Natural Organics Batana and Ojon oil repair damaged hair and reverse hair loss. Each oil will give your hair a fresh revitalized Glow! Mends split ends, moisturizes dry and brittle hair, tames the fuzzy wuzzies and adds body !

Made from 100 % Organic Ingredients !

Get your Holiday Gift sets which include a Batana and Ojon Oil and a Free Hair Comb today !


Wake up those thirsty curls with a quick refreshing steam treatment. This will be especially helpful now that we are heading towards more cooler weather and there isn’t as much moisture in the air. Steam is also great to use before you detangle so that you can loosen up any knots or tangles that are in your hair.

Flexi Rod Set
Give your ends a twirl when you set your braid and twist outs. Packs are available that feature a variety a sizes from small to large.

Curling Wand
Achieve stretched hair and spiral curls using a curling wand.

Conair Pro Silver Bird Hair Dryer
This hair dryer is the business! I purchased mine a while back and it still does it’s thing. I have also seen a few hair stylist use this same dryer.




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