#ILOVEBEINGME: Self-Esteem, Embracing Your Natural Hair and Beauty

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Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Which is why I am excited to share with you Hairlooms by Michele Tapp Roseman’s #ILOVEBEINGME series, where I and three other ladies share our self-love journey’s.

Hairlooms: The Untangled Truth About Loving Your Natural Hair and Beauty offers insight from over 30 contributors including: Dr. Maya Angelou, Nicole Ari Parker, Kim Coles, MC Lyte and more! In Hairlooms you will get to enjoy hair stories, healing exercises and actionable steps you can take to fully embrace your beauty.

See episode one of #ILOVEBEINGME featuring Alisha @trickyvibes.

Watch part 2 and the rest of the upcoming videos from the series by subscribing to my YouTube.

The natural hair journey is more than just a hairstyle change, you have to transform your way of thinking and outlook on beauty. For so long it has been said that natural hair is “nappy”, “unkempt” or “untidy” and unfortunately many of us believe this lie.

Embracing your natural hair and beauty lifts such a massive weight off of your shoulders. You will spend less time trying to make your hair into something that it’s not and more time will be spent doing the things that will help it to flourish. Your confidence will get a boost and you will know that don’t have to try so hard, because you are already a natural beauty.

There was a time, that I wouldn’t be caught dead without my wig or weave, now I feel free to do whatever I please to my hair. I recently have cut my hair very short and shaved my sides, I have worn locs, two strand twists, pressed hair, kinky weaves and all ways I feel beautiful.


2 thoughts on “#ILOVEBEINGME: Self-Esteem, Embracing Your Natural Hair and Beauty

  1. My issue with my hair is length only. I don’t like how I look with short hair. And even though my mostly 4b with a sprinkle of 4a and 4c hair is armpit length when stretched, it’s falls above my chin when it’s not. And I do not like how that length looks on me AT ALL. So I continue to wear the wigs.

    1. I talk about this in PART III, I use to be like that.

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