Naturall Club Dry Hair Deep Conditioning Treatment Review

naturall club deep conditioner reviewDeep conditioning is important for keeping your hair manageable and for moisture retention. It is even more so vital in cooler weather or if you have chemically or color treated hair. At minimum make sure that you are at least deep conditioning every two weeks.

Recently I have color-treated my hair and was able to get it to a nice bright red. The only trouble with that is the lighter you go, the more drying it is for your hair. I normally do not have a lot of dryness issues, but now that my hair has been dyed there is definitely a difference in its moisture retention. Lighter colors strip your hair and just by touching my hair I can feel it!

Which is why I was definitely willing to give Naturall Club’s Dry Hair Deep Conditioning Treatment Kit a try. Naturall Club makes treatments specific to different issues like: dry hair, dull hair and damaged hair. All of the treatments are freshly made using avocados with absolutely no preservatives. Which is why you want to freeze or refrigerate until you are ready to use your treatment and then if you still have enough left over after you use it, refrigerate and make sure you use it within a week (if you freeze it can last up to two months) .

Each kit comes with a deep conditioner solution (that you must refrigerate), a plastic deep conditioning cap, a spray bottle, hair tie, serum (to apply to your hair after you have treated it) and an ingredients card. You can purchase one kit for $25 or subscribe for more boxes at a discounted rate.

Be sure you are applying on damp hair section by section and don’t forget to concentrate on your ends. Let it sit for 20-40 minutes, then rinse with cool water to seal in the moisture.

I must say I was surprisingly impressed with the results of this treatment masque. I wasn’t expecting a bad result, but I didn’t expect the outcome to be so great! Normally after washing my hair, it looks frizzy and I have little to no curl definition. After doing the treatment and rinsing it out, I didn’t apply a single drop of product. My hair was frizz free and I had really good curl definition.

My hair is short so I definitely have enough for another use and I put my treatment in the freezer until I am ready to use it again.

If you are looking for an organic preservative free deep conditioning solution visit their website at


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    I love all of their products! pleasantly surprised too!

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