The Best Protective Styles With Extensions That Actually Protect Your Hair

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Protective styling when done right can give your hair the perfect low manipulation environment to flourish. However, when you add extensions to your hair to protective style, it can go wrong depending on the types of styles that you choose.  For example, teeny tiny tight braids put too much tension on the hair and if done too frequently it can lead to traction alopecia. Here are some examples of the best kinds of protective styles with added hair to try:

Jumbo Braids


Jumbo Braids are better substitute for box braids as these are much simpler and lighter. The best thing about these braids is that there less of a chance that they will be damaging to your hair.

Tip: Get a more full chunky look by braiding the extension hair more loosely and braid more tightly towards the ends of the hair.

Low Bubble Braid Pony Tail

This protective style is perfect for any occasion and will go with every outfit. Smooth your hair down with a good gel with hold and use elastic bands on your ponytail to create the bubble effect. If you don’t have the length you can use braiding hair.

Tip: If you wear this style with your own hair choose hair bands that are non-damaging to your hair.

Ghana Braids

One of the most awesome protective hairstyles are Ghana Braids or feed in braids. If you want to look after your roots as well as the ends of your hair, this is a good option because the extension hair is added slowly after the braids so it will not put weight on the front of your hair like traditional cornrows do. You can still have some risk of applying too much tension with this style so ensure that the braider you choose is willing to be gentle with your tresses.

Tip: For a more exciting look you can try adding in different colors for the braiding hair.



Want a break from your hair? Wigs can be a good alternative. Unlike a sewn in weave, you still have the access you need to your hair to moisturize and care for it. If you do wear lace front wigs, follow all safety measures so that you are not counteracting your efforts to nurture your hair.

Tip: Wigs are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but they are one of the better options because they put less strain and tension on your hair.

The best way to implement protective styling is to choose simple styles like two strand twists, braids and buns with your own hair.

When you wear extensions you are not always able to effectively moisturize your hair, cleanse or condition and extensions may put too much strain on your tresses. However, when you do want something different the above protective styles with added hair in moderation are go to alternatives.


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