So What Are You Putting On Your Hair? Is It Good For You?

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Many of you reading this article might identify with stories about effects of products that we use on our bodies, hair or foods that we ingest into our bodies for nourishment. You probably wonder what to buy when you get to a beauty shop or to a super market and are faced with a deluge of hair care products all touting the same benefits for your hair. Which one will work for you? Which one is safe for your child?

This article will provide an overview of some ingredients found in hair care products that could damage your hair and affect your health. My hope is that you’ll subsequently become a better informed consumer whenever you find yourself looking through a mountain of hair care products at the store and wondering what to purchase.

Have you ever eaten something that immediately made you sick? That may have given you a gastrointestinal response that was embarrassing or made you run to the bathroom frequently? Have you ever had an allergic reaction to something that you put on your skin? Maybe a resulting itchy rash, blisters, hives? Was your response immediate or delayed?

How about your hair? Have you ever put anything in your hair that resulted in any of the following conditions?

Many of the women I encounter share stories highlighting all of the issues outlined above and more. The use of harsh chemicals and their damaging effects on the scalp and hair continue to top the list of hair issues shared with me. I’ve been requested many times to share information on ingredients that we find in products and the effects of some of them so that we can make informed and empowered decisions about our hair and ultimately the health of our bodies. So let’s delve into some of them.

When you visit the beauty shop, do you read your labels? Do you encounter someone well informed about the various products on their shelves and what’s in them? Do you learn anything about what you buy, it’s effectiveness and safety? Below I’ve highlighted some ingredients that you will find in hair care products and why you may want to reconsider using them on your hair and scalp. You may want to further evaluate benefit vs. risk and use as an informed consumer, while taking the necessary precautions to minimize damage.

Make sure you read your labels and educate yourself about the ingredients used to create products that you use. Make an informed decision about what you’re buying. Ask yourself, “what can I live with and what can I not? What is more concerning about this ingredient and what isn’t a big deal to me?” Evaluate these questions in context because we do not live in a perfect world and it is unlikely that we will ever do so. If a product is made with way too many ingredients, most of which you can’t pronounce or can’t understand, you may want to reconsider adding it in your shopping cart.

I recommend using products that focus on the use of natural, organic and safe ingredients for you and your family. At Naturaz Hair, we focus on the use of well balanced, natural ingredients that infuse and sustain moisture in your hair. To learn more about Naturaz products and our Moisture Blast System, go to

Mumbi Dunjwa is the founder and CEO of Naturaz hair, . She has been a lifelong naturalista and has a passion for educating people on how she has been able to stay natural all her life even when “natural hair” was not popular. She has a background in Chemistry, Nuclear Medicine Technology and Information Systems Management and has worked in large health care systems as well as big pharma. Curly, coily hair is fascinating to her and consistently shares that healthy hair is not only about product. Health on every level is critical to growing and keeping a vibrant head of hair. She believes there is so much more to be invented that will
transform hair care and help folks with curly, coily hair better harness their magnificent crowns and she wants to be a part of this transformation. Learn more at and Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Youtube.


2 thoughts on “So What Are You Putting On Your Hair? Is It Good For You?

  1. I wash my hair every 4-6 weeks. I make my own shampoo and conditioner treatment. I wash with apple cider vinegar and water. I use egg yolks, lemon juice, coconut, and olive oil for conditioner treatment. My hair grows and is healthier when I twist or braid it in a protective style and leave it alone. I touch up my scalp with Vicks vapor rub for itching if need be. Noticed its much healthier using natural products instead of store brand items. Scalp doesn’t dry out as much or product build up. I clip my ends when needed as well. Loving my natural hair journey.

  2. there are just so many products and brands to do trial and error with….coins! I need the coins honey!

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