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How to Get the Best Experience Using Raw Shea Butter

Shea Butter is an emollient rich in nutrients that is perfect for sealing in moisture to your hair and body. However, if you don’t know how to use it properly you may mistakenly believe that this women’s gold is not to your liking.  Here’s what you should know to get the maximum benefit from this delightful butter:

Don’t expect it to moisturize your hair, it does not moisturize…but it seals the deal

You must use water or a water based product first. Then you can use Shea Butter to seal in the moisture, so it creates a barrier that makes moisture loss more challenging. Shea Butter on its own will not moisturize your hair.

Use your body heat to melt it down first

For someone who is a complete newbie to using Raw Shea, you might think that you can just put it straight into your hair. However, if you do so it is often too heavy and waxy. You must melt it down by rubbing into your hands first then apply evenly to your hair.

For the most nutrients avoid using refined Shea Butters

Refined Shea Butter is missing some of the goodies that make people want to use it in the first place.

Quality of Raw Shea Matters

Shea Butters come in different quality grades, Grade A is best. You can get Shea Butter in Bulk at a very reasonable price on Amazon.com, it is likely to be more affordable than if you try buying locally and the quality is great.

Color of Shea Varies According to Where it Came From

Shea Butter comes in Yellow and an Off White Color. They both have the same value, the only difference is the color of the Shea will vary depending on what country in Africa it came from.

To make it more lightweight on your hair try mixing with a lighter oil

You will want to melt down your Shea Butter first, filter it and then mix with another oil of your choice. Let it cool in the fridge or freezer so it can re-solidify.

Shea is Temperature Sensitive

It will melt at very high temperatures and become more solid in cool temperatures.

Shea Butter will crystallize if it melts and then re-solidifies

This can give Shea Butter a grainy feel, however nothing is wrong with the butter. If you notice this if you rub down in your hands it will melt down. To fix this you can simply re-heat and then cool it down to make it solid once again.

7 years ago when I first started using Raw Shea Butter I found it to be very cakey, heavy and not useful for my hair. This is before I understood many of the very things discussed in this article. Now it has become a regular staple of my routine, so if you haven’t had the best experience consider these tips to improve your experience. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go back!


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