10 Gorgeous Natural Hair Bridal Looks

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image source: www.theknotnews.com

Summer is here and bells are chiming as wedding season fast approaches. When it comes to picking out the perfect style for your wedding, the possibilities are truly endless for natural hair brides. Natural hair’s versatility makes it possible to rock anything from locs, to stretched pompadours, to braided buns. Picking the perfect style is just as important as picking the perfect dress, it needs to be special and yet still uniquely you. Here are 10 gorgeous natural hair bridal looks for all lengths to give you some inspiration for your big day.

image source: @pink__wasabi

This style is a super simple half-up, half-down style with a simple flower to accessorize

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2 thoughts on “10 Gorgeous Natural Hair Bridal Looks

  1. Two dark skinned girls in you 10 pic layout and one is standing alone without her husband and the other she and her husband are holding hands facing away from each other as is pulling from each other. Brain washed.

    1. We support all shades of beautiful here. Not sure how you came to this conclusion?

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