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Loza Tam Turban Headwrap with Satin Inside to Keep Natural Hair Protected

Loza Tam Turban with satin inside

Loza Tam headwraps and turbans feature something special that makes them even more of a must have for your arsenal: inside they have satin lining so you won’t have any worries about drying out or breaking off your hair. Turbans and headwraps can be a lifesaver when you don’t feel like doing your hair, when you are having a bad hair day or even just for style.

Loza Tam Turban with satin inside
The typical African print headwraps or turbans are cotton fabric which unfortunately isn’t the best for afro-textured hair. With Loza Tam headwraps and turbans you get the option of this style without having to dread the consequences. A simple yet nifty feature that sets this brand apart from other brands currently available.

Loza Tam African Print Turban

Another reason why this product line is noteworthy is that it is black woman owned and all of the items are handmade in Ghana by other black women. Support black women owned businesses in style and protect your hair!

Loza Tam African Print Turban

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