Benny Harlem Alleged Scammer?

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benny harlem scamEveryone who loves natural hair surely has seen the photos of Benny Harlem and his daughter, as they have gained social media popularity because of their incredibly long fros, but now Benny is getting attention because of something else…. an alleged scam.Benny released his very own Green Veggie Hair Kit retailing at $399, however he did cut the price down to $299 😐The kits sold like wildfire and now the results are in…

“Bottom line, do NOT trust this man.

Those “Veggie Kits” he’s selling you? Benny Harlem, aka Ahmad Belvin, literally just buys those items at common grocery stores (since he’s currently in California; he shops at Ralphs/Krogers), removes the labels on the products, puts a couple of fake leaves and stuff in them, and then slaps his label onto them, inflates the prices and sells them to unsuspecting customers who believes he is traveling to Africa to “gather up the ingredients”!”

Taken from the Rip Off Report, see the source here.

What is very troubling is when you go to Benny’s Facebook page you are not able to see reviews for his page at all and his attempt at coming up with a dramatic turn of events as a distraction is comical. Here’s his story,

“I was bitten by a Viper snake while in Ethiopia farming and acquiring ingredients for the Green Veggie Hair Kits. There was no more anti-venom medication available at the facility I was transported to and I was told the bite was non-venomous. I was shocked to find out I was very close to not making it when I returned to the US a few days ago, deadly venom was actually very present in my system. I was in the middle of doing an interview / photo shoot with @cassiuslife when my face started to swell. My eyes started to slowly swell shut .. My face and neck started to expand and swell … It felt like thousands of fire ants clawing and crawling up and down my throat.. I could barley think, let alone speak. I tried to tough it out to avoid scaring anyone.. by the time I got to the emergency room my lungs started to swell and shut down rapidly .. Ive been in the hospital every since… All praise is due to the most high.. “

Doesn’t look like most people are buying his story though….

This is very disappointing if it is true that he is taking advantage of the community.

It also not cool at all that he involved a child in his promotions, if this is indeed a scam. I won’t lie I would see his photographs and at times be wowed. Other times I would get the creeps, because for my taste some of the photos with his daughter were a bit much.

And let me just say as a product creator myself, I know how expensive it can be to make a product but there is no reason at all that a hair kit should ever be $399.

I got the tip about this from watching Lovelyti:



4 thoughts on “Benny Harlem Alleged Scammer?

  1. The oils he sells are from Trader Joe’s and aldi. He gets avocado oil or some food grade oil and puts a sticker on it. No shame on his hustle
    The pics were beautiful and then I saw the drama. All I said was. Damn we were rooting for you.

  2. Do you have results of customers after using his products

    1. No I do not. Which is why this post says he β€œallegedly” is a scammer. However, all I can say is that it doesn’t look good. The word is that the products did not do anything for customer’s hair and rather than being transparent about the situation he is disabling comments on all social media properties so the people can’t speak out, not a good look. The last time I looked on his Instagram you are not able to comment.

  3. Yikes!! So unfortunate, I’ve definitely shared and been wowed (and yes, sometimes creeped out) by his photos. It’s always disappointing when someone who is often seen as an inspiration, may turn out to have less-than-honorable intentions..

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