Why Bantu Knots Are Perfect for Damaged and Transitioning Hair

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Whether your hair has some heat damage, split ends or you are transitioning to natural hair bantu knots are the best fixer upper. All of these scenarios have one common problem: your hair is not blended. Bantu knots mask this issue and give you a beautiful outcome.

When you are dealing with texture differences or uneven ends braid outs and twist outs end up being disastrous. This is because they do not give the ends of the hair that twirl that they need to give you that finished beautiful look.

Tip: Want to do a twist out or braid out? You still can, but after you are done twisting or braiding your hair put your plaits in bantu knots to give your ends a curl. When you take out your set it will look much better than if you just twisted or braided your hair.

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Remember Bantu Knots are only temporarily hiding the issue that you are dealing with. As you transition from relaxed hair, heat damage or split ends you eventually should be trimming your hair at a rate that you are comfortable with. Once you have a consistent hair texture you will find that your hair will be more healthy, have a more full appearance and styling will be much easier.

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