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Updating Your Natural Hair Regimen for Spring Talk With Kimberly Elise

When spring time approaches many naturals are ready to let their hair down after protective styling their hair during the cooler seasons. We had a talk with Kimberly Elise about how to transition to spring time styling while keeping your hair healthy.

The main takeaways from our discussion:

#1 Take a protective approach to maintaining your hair

Be very gentle with your hair. Don’t manipulate your hair too frequently and avoid any tools or accessories that put wear and tear on your hair.

#2 Deep condition often to repair any damage and to keep your hair strong

If you decide to change things up with a new hair color, it will be important to try to aim do this with every wash.

#3 Moisturize your hair as needed

Start getting familiar with what your hair wants. During warmer climates your hair will not be as dry. Sometimes all you need to do is let the steam from the shower hydrate your hair or spray a light mist of water to spring your hair back to life.

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