Quinette of Sweet Embrace

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pre-tied turban headwraps

Tell us about yourself Quinette.

My name is Quinette Collins and I am the owner and creator of Sweet EMbraCe LLC. As a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and Public Health professional you can imagine that time is a precious and valuable asset to me. But as a black woman, it’s our motto to just get stuff done.

What motivated you to start your company?

Sweet EMbraCe was started after the birth of my daughter. I’ve always loved and worn headwraps, but would sometimes get annoyed with unraveling or discomfort. Now having a mini me I couldn’t wait for her to rock headwraps just like me.

pre-tied turban headwraps for kids

When she developed cradle cap as an infant and experienced itching, discomfort and hair loss, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to create headwraps and headbands for babies. As a new mom getting accustomed to the toils of motherhood, doing my hair was not an option, but I still wanted to feel beautiful to mask the sleep deprivation and evident “still figuring this motherhood thing out” look.

I finally created a pre-tied headwrap Turban that gave me the look I was used to, but the comfort and convenient ease of wear by slipping it right on my head. Mommy and me styles have become the backbone of Sweet EMbraCe, as I love for all moms and little ones to EMbraCe Comfort, Style and Confidence.

Why do you think it’s important that the black community takes back the black hair industry?

It’s vital that we take back the black hair industry and create products and images that are not only made by us but reflect us in our natural unaltered beauty.

It’s important for us to encourage those who create products that are not only healthy, but allow us to embrace our essence and culture while teaching future generations to properly care for our hair and to love all of our natural beauty. We have to support each other and this movement and choose not support industries that encourage us to assimilate to other beauty standards, create toxic products, and that ignore our history and culture.

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