Brianna of the Hair Junky Collection

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Hair Junky Collection

Tell us about yourself.

I started my career at a young age by the age of 17 I was in the shop. Hair was and always will be my passion. I specialize in natural hair care, weaves and extensions.

What motivated you to start Hair Junky?

I have always had a love for hair. As a hairstylist, i have always wanted the best for my clientele and to make sure they all had healthy hair. I came up with a product that would help and aid in the growth of my clients hair. I started to use the product on my clients and got amazing results. After a while, they all wanted to buy it from me, and at the time i was not selling it. After long consideration , The Hair Junky Collection, was born. I am honored to be able to grow women’s hair behind the chair, as well as when they are not behind my chair. 

Why do you think it’s important we take back the black hair industry?

I think it is very important for us to take back the black hair industry. For years we have had to settle on products that are not right for our hair. We have had to work ten times harder to get our desired looks and maintain our hair health. That stops now. Being a black beauty business owner allows us to place the best products for our hair in every black women/men’s home. A product created by us, for us.


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