Vanessa’s Essence Hair Jelly Review

Vanessa’s Essence is a natural hair care line designed to be safe and nourishing for little curly ones. I used their kit once before on my daughter’s hair and just recently I reviewed their Hair Jelly.

Vanessa's Essence Hair Jelly

Prior to actually styling with the product I used it for about a week simply to moisturize my hair. I loved it! It made my hair feel very soft.

Then it was style time. I washed my hair, deep conditioned it, then used my Safflower Whipped Shea to seal moisture into my hair and using the shingling technique I applied Vanessa’s Essence Hair Jelly to my hair.

My results were quite lovely! One thing I definitely suggest is to layer this product like I did, Vanessa’s Essence sells a cream as well. Every time I used it, I paired it with my Shea. However, when I used it on my daughter’s hair who has 4a hair type, (with nothing else paired with it) it nicely defined her curls but by the next day she had a lot of shrinkage and her moisture did not last as long as mine did.


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