3 Easy Go To Styles for Looking Cute While You Work Out


If you’re like me and you visit the gym frequently, you may have concerns about how to style and maintain your hair during and after your gym session.  Unfortunately, working out (and sweating) interferes with our fancy hairdos, and because working out involves sweating, you will want to style your hair so that it stays out of your face and out of your way.  Here are a few styles and tips for my fellow gym heads.


The High Bun (As worn by MahoganyCurls.com)

If you are like me, you don’t want to be bothered with having to constantly adjust your hair during your workout.  The high bun prevents the hair from falling into your face and keeps the hair off the neck.  Also, it minimizes exposure to sweat to just the roots, which makes the cleansing process a little easier.

twist out

The Twist Out

Of the different styles to wear to the gym, I prefer either the twist out or the braid out.  Not only because this style keeps the hair off my neck, but because I can unravel the twists after the gym and still look cute!

When wearing the twist out, I tie a satin scarf around my hair and allow my hair opportunity to air-dry with the scarf intact to help combat frizziness.   I usually leave the scarf on for the night (unless I have to make a stop after the gym).  In the morning, I untwist and go!


The Puff

The puff is a simple hairstyle.  Just twist a ponytail holder around the hair (as though you are creating a ponytail, but leave the puff out) and go.


Workout Hair Tips:

#1  While working out, it is important to protect your hair from sweat as best you can.  The hairstyles above will help.  After you have chosen your style, tie a silk/satin scarf or headband around the edges of your hair.  The more you sweat, the frizzier and puffier your hair will become.

 #2  Don’t wash your hair after every workout session.  It can cause the hair to become dry and brittle.  However, you may find it helpful to wash and condition your hair once a week to remove excess build up of sweat, dirt, oil and debris.  If you find that your hair smells bad after working out, try an effective dry shampoo.  Also, make sure to moisturize your hair every night and seal my ends with you oil of choice.

 #3  Remember that you should never sacrifice a good workout and staying healthy because of your hair.  Make sure to plan and implement a good routine that allows you to get your exercise AND maintain healthy tresses.  It is possible!

Maintaining a healthy head of hair is important, but maintaining a healthy body is even more important.  Remember to find a healthy balance between maintaining your natural locks and maintaining your physical health.  You can trim unhealthy hair, but you only get one body!

 How do you balance your workout and hair care routine?


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  1. This is one of the biggest challenges for me–managing my natural hair and exercise. Thanks for the advice.

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