3 Easy Protective Natural Hairstyles Inspired by Beyonce’s Formation Video

Beyonce Formation Inspired HairstylesBeyonce’s Formation is not only considered a black anthem that has sparked controversy but it has been the inspiration for some dope hair tutorials. Best of all these are protective hairstyles that are very easy to do and great for beginners. All you need to know is how to do a basic braid. For fullness and length Kanekalon braiding hair is used. For all of these styles it is best to work with hair that has been stretched and smoothed out.

Tutorial One – Stringgles (Two Pigtails)

Stringgles adds the extension hair in using the Ghana braid technique. This gives the braids a more natural look starting out thin towards the front and progressively larger toward the back. For this look 3 packs of Kanekalon braiding hair was used along with Eco Styler Gel for smoothing.

Tutorial Two – Jasmine Defined (Formation Inspired Natural Updo)

Who doesn’t love a good updo? This look is very elegant, can be worn casually or even for a more formal occasion. Simply place your hair in a high ponytail, add some Kanekalon hair that most closely matches your texture, tuck, roll and pin in place.

Tutorial Three – The Heathers (Braided Hair Crown)

This one is probably the easiest of them all. Simply divide your hair into to sections. Place the sections into two ponytails. Add in the Kanekalon hair. Wrap around your hair and pin in place!

All these styles are stunning and best of all can be done in no time. If you need an easy protective style, these are some great options!

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