3 Reasons Why Reduced Heat Regimens Rock

Heat styling tools have the benefit of quickly achieving stretched hair, but it comes at a price. If  length retention is your goal, constant heat usage will get in your way especially if you have a fine kinky hair type.

Reducing how often you use heat is one of the best things that you can do for your hair and here is why:

heat styling alternative Hair Dryness

Many of us naturalistas suffer from hair dryness and consistent heat usage adds onto this problem. Especially if you are aimed at wearing a bone straight style, you don’t necessarily give it the same moisturizing routine as you would if you were wearing it curly or in a protective style  for fear of frizzing or weighing your hair down.

The ends of our hair are worn down from time and are particularly prone to dryness. Sucking the moisture out of this portion of your hair is extremely damaging and without a doubt leads to breakage.

Frequent Trims

For those who regularly use heat frequent trims are a reality. The use of heat will produce more split ends resulting in the need to trim. This gets in the way of retaining length because the hair is constantly being trimmed away.

With a reduced heat regimen, you may find you only need to get your hair trimmed on a as needed basis rather than a schedule.

Curl Pattern Loss

Even with the best of care, you can lose your curl pattern with consistent usage of heat. Chances are if you press your hair regularly you know what this means.

Curl pattern loss happens when you use a significant amount of heat to achieve a straighter style, then when you wash your hair you still happen to have these little straight dangly pieces among your curls that just wont go away.

This is why it is recommended that transitioners lay off the heat because this permanent straightening of the hair is a barrier to the goal of being 100% natural with one consistent hair texture.

You Can Still Change it Up

From time to time we all enjoy change and you can still have healthy hair if you use heat. However, it is best to limit how often you use it and find other styling options that can give you a stretched out look.

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  1. I have hair problems been natural for 20year hair was in the middle of my back . It’s now at the nap of of my neck. Been trying to grow it back but it seems as if it will not grow no more. Been trying different products that pertain to natural hair and nothing working. Getting more breakage than anything . Don’t know if it’s from stress or what.got it chopped off in January and again in July still haven’t seen any improvement. Been searching the this cite for tip and really not having any luck. Have tried the hair pill wondering what I should try next miss my healthy hair is their anyone with some type of advice for me need a lil help.

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