5 Goddess Braids Tutorials You Have to See

goddess-braids-stylingGoddess braids (also known as “Granny Braids”) are a beautiful, easy way to protective style and can be worn many different ways. You can do goddess braids with your own natural hair, add extensions, or even do them on hair that has been stretched/straightened. Although the technique to do them is fairly basic, goddess braids can look casual or elegant depending on how you style them. This style can give you an effortless transition from the summer into the fall season and is a great go-to for protective style/no-heat challenges or just to give your hair a much needed break. Check out these five different ways to rock the goddess braids trend:

1. Goddess Braids Using Kanekalon Hair- HowToBlackHair

Breanna Rutter has definitely mastered the technique of installing goddess braids using kanekalon hair. She takes you step by step with her and also demonstrates a beautiful way to style goddess braids in a low pinwheel bun.

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2.The Goddess Braid “Bad Hair Day Quick Fix”- London Rach

The next time you’re having a bad hair day, you don’t have to be so quick to throw on a hat. London shows how she quickly transformed her bad hair day into these fabulous and sleek goddess braids. This style can be done on stretched hair or a style that’s on its last leg.

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3. Goddess Braids on Straightened Hair- ULoveMegz

Although Meg is relaxed, her rendition of goddess braids can give you an idea of what the style would look like on straightened natural hair.

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4. Goddess Braids Using Marley Braiding Hair- tastePINK

You don’t have to straighten your hair to achieve smooth, flawless goddess braids. If you’re starting out on your naturally textured hair, Marley hair can be a great fit. It’ll give you extra length that will blend perfectly well with your natural hair.

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5. Double-Sided Goddess Braids Using Clip-Ins- shlinda1

For this last tutorial, we wanted to show another way of executing goddess braids. In this technique, instead of braiding the hair closely at the scalp, more texture is left at the roots. It’s the same style but using this method results in a completely different look.

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How do you rock your Goddess Braids?

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