5 Wash n Go Tutorials with Super Defined Results for 4B/4C Naturals

Many people are under the impression that only the type 3 curly girls can do wash n go styles and achieve great definition. LIES. ALL LIES. Just because your type 4 curls are tiny little coils that zig zag, you can still get super defined results from your wash n go. If you’re not sure what your hair type is, check out the Know Your Hair Type page. If you fall in the 4b/4c category, here are five wash n go tutorials that garnered super defined results. Each one featured different products and different hair lengths. This just goes to show that it’s not just about the product, but the technique.

Wash n Go Tutorials for 4c hair

1 – LiveNaturallyLove. Just because your curls are small and springing, they can still be defined. See how in this tutorial for 4B 4C hair.


2 – FloridaNatural83. Have a few different curl patterns and textures? No worries with this tutorial. This is effective for a variety of type 4 curls.


3 – NaturalCurliesTV. As our hair grows, it has different needs. For those of you who have longer tresses, here’s a tutorial just for you.


4 – SkinnyGotCurves. For the ladies with short hair or with a tapered cut, this wash n go routine is perfect for you.


5 – NaturallyGlamTV. In this tutorial, you’ll see a helpful technique specifically to help define the kinkiest of curls and coils. It’s not always about the product – sometimes it’s about the technique.


With these tutorials, you’ll be able to find what works best for your 4B/4C hair to achieve a super defined wash n go. For more information about achieving the best wash n go results read these articles:

Have you tried any of the products or techniques used in these tutorials for defining your curls?

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  1. What should I do if I ‘m not satisfied with my 4c natural hair shrinkage, Is there another natural hair style that I may be satisfied with that will make my hair appear longer without all the shrinkage, if so what product should I use?

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