8 Makeup Hacks Every Woman With Oily Acne Prone Skin Should Know

makeup-tips-oily-acne-skinI was so inspired to write this post, after Kanisha provided tips for avoiding breakouts from your natural hair products. For a while I put off trying to find a solution to improve my oily acne prone skin. Most of this, is due to frustration. I am in my late twenties and have been battling Acne since I was a preteen. When I become overwhelmed sometimes my attitude is just “bump it, I am done”, so for a while I just stopped caring.

In some ways that carefree attitude helps, because the more you stress about Acne the worse it gets. Some people think Acne comes from diet or not washing your face (both myths). Stress is actually a real factor as it produces an abundance of unnecessary hormones and testosterone.

Now that I am ready to tackle my issue yet again, so far I actually have been seeing great results! Unfortunately my Acne has left me with hyperpigmentation, so until I improve this if I am going out I like to wear makeup for more even looking skin. I have been taking the time to educate myself about properly applying makeup in particular for oily acne prone skin and I must say I am impressed with my improved makeup skills.

Me Wearing Lorac Pallet

Here are some must see hacks and tips that I have learned:

#1 Always wash and sanitize your makeup brushes

To avoid this you can use disposable foundation sponges. However, if you are going to use brushes I would advise cleaning them after every use. You can use a gentle conditioner or soap (I love using my clean and clear face wash). Then let them air dry overnight. The last thing you want to do is spread dead skin and bacteria over your face so cleansing your tools is a must.

#2 Wash, apply any treatment you use, and MOISTURIZE

Don’t skip these steps you will be sorry!

#3 Use a primer that disguises your pore size

Primers give you a great start for your foundations, some even address pore issues and oil control. Lightly apply all over your face focusing much of your attention on your problem areas.

#4 If you really bad scaring or hyperpigmentation, try a color corrector

I have seen the Smashbox Color Corrector in orange work magic, on hiding hyperpigmentation and scarring. Dab onto problem areas and pat onto your skin.

#5 If you have acne try a medicated acne foundation

Although I am disappointed in Neutrogena’s lack of shades for women of color, I cheat and use their Acne Foundation as somewhat of a concealer since it is a tad lighter than what I actually am. Rather than breaking me out I find that it actually has helped clear me up. I then use a shade of Maybelline’s Fit Me that is darker than me, for the perfect blend. Maybeline has an awesome collection of liquid foundations for women of color.

#6 Use a primer for your eye-shadow

It gives you more long lasting and vibrant results.

#7 Splurge on a quality eye-shadow pallet

Most of the time you can get away with creating a great look with a lot of drugstore brands. However, in my experience even with the use of eye-shadow primer, my oily skin melts most of the cheapie eye-shadows not even halfway through the end of the day. I just recently splurged on a $35 pallet of Lorac eyeshadow and although at first I wasn’t happy with the cost I was extremely pleased with the results. My makeup lasted the entire day and I had so many complements. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

#8 Use a Translucent Powder for Oil Control

For some reason I get a lot of oil production in my T-Zone (forehead & nose). I hate that greasy look! A translucent powder will keep this in check.


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  1. Hey, Thank you for sharing this guide about oily scalp. I am currently facing oily scalp problems. But the tips and remedies that you mentioned it are quite helpful to me. Thanks for sharing keep updating.

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