8 Reasons Why Your Twist Out Failed

Determine Whether You Like Wet or Dry Styling Your Hair

For some of us it just works out better to dry style and vice versa. I use to prefer dry styling because I was felt like my hair turned out more shrunken and dry, but that was before I discovered a new product favorite which I will get to later. I still feel that my hair has less shrinkage when it is styled while dry, but if I don’t feel like waiting around for that I am open to wet styling. In short wet styling often does produce more defined curls, while dry styling will give you the most stretched out full outcome. You will have to experiment and see what you prefer best.


8 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Your Twist Out Failed”

  1. Ah this is still such a great resource! I’ve been doing twistouts for ages now.. but I SERIOUSLY needed this reminder.. like trimming. I’ve been holding on to my length when I really need to LET IT GO. My frayed/ split ends won’t let my twist outs be great, so it’s probably time to say goodbye..

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