8 Reasons Why Your Twist Out Failed

Apply Enough Tension to Your Roots

Veepeejay using the clips for more elongation on her wash day.

When you don’t have enough attention being applied to your roots your end result is just bound to suck. The front and back of my hair curl easy without me even putting in much effort. However, the mid section where my 4c hair texture is dominant it requires more tension to get a good result. This means I have to do smaller twists and make sure I grip my roots tightly, if I don’t it just comes out pretty frizzy. For those who may have trouble gripping your roots you may want to try clips to secure them in place.


8 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Your Twist Out Failed”

  1. Ah this is still such a great resource! I’ve been doing twistouts for ages now.. but I SERIOUSLY needed this reminder.. like trimming. I’ve been holding on to my length when I really need to LET IT GO. My frayed/ split ends won’t let my twist outs be great, so it’s probably time to say goodbye..

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