8 Reasons Why Your Twist Out Failed

Twist Out Failed

You would think a twist out style would be simple: just add some product, twist your hair, and set overnight right? Well often times for many of us it just isn’t as easy as it seems. Here are the reasons why your twist out failed and turned out all wrong:


8 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Your Twist Out Failed”

  1. Hi , i have been natural for a few years now but always wore weave and never really embraced the natural hairstyles til recently . I have 4c thick shoulder length hair with a little heat damage in the front of my hair , i recently been playing with braid outs and noticed when i try using leave in conditioner , a moisturizer and gel my hair on wet hair when braiding my hair after it air dries for about 2 days my hair itself feel very dry and brittle …any suggestions or what would be some good products to use .

  2. Hi, I/m 16 yrs old bout to be in 11th grade and i have been natural fr like 5-6 years. Every time i do my twist out the first day i wear it my hair is glamorous. But if i try to continue it to the next day it looks frizzy and matted. and not as voluminous as it was the first day. I have high porosity 4b/4c hair. I have split ends and of course my hair dries out fast. And I don’t understand how to keep it moisturized either.

    1. Hey! I also have 4b/4c hair and I’m really interested in growing my hair. The LOC method for hair : Leave in Conditioner then an Oil/Butter then a Cream ( Moisturizer or a Styler since you will be twisting your hair) is one way to keep your hair moisturized. Also you mentioned that you’re high porosity so maybe you should try a protein treatment or deep condition your hair with a protein treatment. Try to keep your hair moisturized (try aloe very juice as a leave in conditioner) as much as possible, even if it’s a spritz of water here and there.

      If you want voluminous curls try a curling cream or a gel (they flake sometimes) that holds your hair real tight. Leave the twists in for as long as you need, spritzing them and sealing with an oil here and there whenever they get too dry.

      I hope that helps!

    2. I am 17 and have always been natural. I also have high porosity 4B/4C hair (it depends on the day lol). I recommend trimming your split ends. I know that it sucks at first bc you dont wanna lose the length but in the end it isn’t that much of a difference, and trimmed edges will make your hair look better. Whenever I do a twist/braid out after the first day, I split my hair into 6 sections and put coconut oil on each section and I just rebraid it so that i dont have the frizz. Putting rollers on the ends of my braids/twists helps me keep my curls and volume. I also put edge control on my edges then tie my edges up with a satin scarf, then i put on a satin bonnet over my entire head.

  3. Ms. Germaine E. Fleming

    Hi Ariane,
    I am brand new at wearing my hair natural. I love it, but it has been a challenge. Some days I love it other days I hate my hair style. I have been doing the braid outs but I think I will try twist out–my hair is very very thick and has a medium length. The front, back and sides of my hair for some reason will not hold onto the curl no matter I do. It is a different texture than the feels soft; I believe the texture in these areas is a 4c.

    Any suggestions you have I would so appreciate. I know I have to be patient, it has only been 1 month.
    thanks so much,

    1. In the areas where it is more challenging to define the curl you may have to do the twists or braids in a smaller size. Also make sure you apply the proper tension to the roots, the clips may help with this if you feel you can’t grip your roots tightly enough on your own.

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