About Ariane Williams 2016In 2010, I created Black Naps to blog about my natural hair journey and to share helpful tips with others. I became so in love with the community here that I pursued blogging full-time. I have successfully made my passion my paycheck and now I am educating others how they can make money blogging in my course Be Your Own Boss: 9 Steps to Creating a Blog Business. Black Naps is a leading provider of natural hair tips and style inspiration for women with kinky textured hair receiving well over 260,000 unique visits per month and 600,000 pageviews! I am proud to offer representation for coily hair types, showing type 4 ladies that they can embrace their kinks with pride.

A Little About My Hair Journey…

Although for most of my childhood and teen years my hair was relaxed I never saw what people often refer to as “nappy hair” as being a bad thing. The decision to relax my hair was not out of some sort of self hate issue, but from a lack of knowledge in caring for natural hair. Nappy Tee

In the late 90’s long before natural hair was a trend or the in thing to do, I found myself experimenting with natural looks.

I still remember taking synthetic kanekalon braid hair and using somewhat of an invisible braids method to create a look that resembled blown out natural hair. Bantu knot outs were my next experiment that gave me a faux natural curly look and I loved it.

However, as time went on the health of my hair was in the pits. I began to rely on weaves more heavily due to the combination of having hair relaxer, excessive heat use, and manipulation take a toll on my hair.

My senior year of high school I started taking baby steps to do something productive about the issue. The first thought I had was perhaps a texturizer would be more gentle on my hair than a relaxer. Needless to say, I thought that sucked too.

When I began my transition in 2005 I won’t lie girl, I looked a hot mess.

I had no idea what to do with my hair!  The only thing that helped was when I ended up stumbling upon hair forums and it really made all the difference.

Fast forward.

My pressed natural hair
My pressed natural hair

See my current regimen and details on my APL milestone: Armpit Length Hair Milestone + Current Regimen

My hair has come a long way since its scraggly thinned out days and I have never looked back. Inspired by the online resources that helped me make the most out of my journey I created and founded Black Naps in 2010. I love the community that has been created and sharing my knowledge with you!

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  1. maria says:

    I’m sorry but I work in the corporate world and natural hair (as they call it) is just to darn expensive as well as time consuming to take care of. My hair texture is 3-b-c and I have yet to achieve a good wash n go. I’ve tried twist outs, braid outs and many times I ended up pulling my hair back (something I really detest) it always end up in a frizz bun.

    I really do not like natural hair. All the natural products out there and channels designed to use mixed girls who absolutely cannot relate to our hair to sell their product They have taken this movement in a whole negative direction. I must be honest the reason I do not like my hair is because I really don’t have the time like many you tubers to do failed braid outs . I’m a working women and I have always spent less time on my hair. I have been without chemicals in my hair for about 4 years now. And I must say it SUCKS! in the summer I have to deal with excessive heat in Texas and let me tell you the humidity is REAL!

    One summer I’ve worn my hair all pulled back in a wavy pony tail the entire summer. I won’t to be free with my hair, and I am having a difficult time excepting the frizzy , untamed hair. I take pride on what I look like from head to toe. For the most part I flat iron my hair (using heat protectant) once every other week. and amazingly I still managed to keep my curls. From time to time I try to rock a wash n go on the weekends when I do not have to work, I love the curls but the frizz is UNREAL. My hair is not almost mid back length. And I have tried the Beautiful textures and what can I say, it has made my hair stink literally. It did not alter my curls at all. I was not impressed with that either. I really want to be chemical free when it comes to my hair . But the use of many hair products have failed me tremendously. My only product that seems to work for a sleek bun is the Alikay Natrual Crème Brulee.. Beauticians charge way to much to style and treat virgin hair. any one have any suggestions I’m opened.

  2. i was thinking…. after cleansing my hair and using a t-shirt to get the heavy water out… to use aloe vera juice to re-wet my hair then add the clay mix… would that be too much of a ph balance shock for my 3c/4a low pros hair?

  3. Shamari says:

    So I followed your protein treatment and I left it on for an hour but it didn’t dry. Does that mean it didn’t work? I don’t have a dryer so i used a shower cap. So do I have to leave it on longer? Id appreciate the advice. Thanks.

  4. Danielle says:

    Hey..What product can I use to help with my hair being very tangled after wash?

    1. You can try a good leave in conditioner. This will help you to moisturize and improve your hairs manageability.

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