All black hair care by all black brands.

“Most hair care products purchased by African-Americans are imported from countries such as India and China” – CNBC

Black Naps is on a mission to change that, with the goal of keeping black dollars circulating in the black community. It’s crazy that we rely on products outside of our community after all, WE KNOW OUR HAIR BEST!

All of the products in our shop are black owned and have proven to deliver their curlfriends results. Our products work for ALL hair types and are personally vetted to ensure kinky coily curlfriends are not left out of the mix.

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Our mission is to be a part of restoring Black Economics. The Black Hair industry is said to be valued at $2.5 billion, so using this niche is a great place to start.

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Your purchase supports a black owned hair care business and a portion of proceeds earned will also go towards supporting more black entrepreneurs and creatives online. For complete transparency we welcome you to visit our Patreon Page to see who we are actively supporting.

Founder, Ariane Williams 

In 2010, I created Black Naps to blog about my natural hair journey and to share helpful tips with others. Fast forward to present it has evolved into something much more.

Black Naps offers its own brand of products in the Reclaim Your Crown collection as well as product lines from Black Woman Owned vendors. You can also kick back here to enjoy style ideas and a library full of free information that will guide you on the path to healthier hair. I am proud to offer representation for coily hair types, showing type 4 ladies that they can embrace their kinks with pride.

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  1. I have only been natural for exactly 9 months, i have yet to have down a strict regimen and my hair is dry with no shine and itchy scalp. I also have no idea how often i should wash and deep condition and with what, as of now i am doing it at random. Any advice or thoughts that could help steer me into the right direction?

    1. I use shea moisture products from local pharmacy stores there products are great. Since you said your hair is dry you should probably deep condition on a consistent pattern. Maybe once every week also put in a leave in conditioner. The LOC method helps a lot with my hair(my edges get dry a lot) YouTube videos on the LOC method.

    2. For the itchy scalp, I recommend an apple cider vinegar rinse, 1part ACV to 3parts water. How often you wash your hair and deep condition is solely up to you. You have to study and know when your hair feels dirty and when you feel it needs to be conditioned. Good luck!

  2. I did the Big chop, and it has been 2 months now, and My hair is dryer than what I am used to! I realize it is natural hair, but does it take awhile for it to adjust to not having products of relaxers over the years?

    1. You have to moisturize your hair daily using water or a water based product and seal the moisture in from the water using an oil and or butter.

      1. Hi my name is Andiswa I’m from South Africa. Well my hair is natural and usually use black silk hair relaxer, which was designed for Afro hair. Now I’ve been trying to do the coil outs, but my coils look like strings, strands I don’t know. So is there any other way I can do these coil outs, coz I love that look!!

  3. I’m having the hardest time keeping my hair from reverting. I press and curl it, because I sweat in my scalp the next day it’s bushy again. I’ve tried just about everything.Any suggestions on what I can try?

    1. Make sure you are starting out with a good press. When you find it reverting instead of turning to heat, what you can do is use a good setting lotion or leave in on the ends of your hair and roll it. I use the You Be Natural Leave In Conditioner and Roll my hair and it takes all the frizzies away without the need to use heat.

  4. Hey.. I’m still in the transitional stages… I’ve had crochet styles since I start. I decided not to cut my perm out instead just let it grow out. Here’s the problem I take out my crochet every 6-8 weeks, after I was my hair it is so tangled on the ends. I purchase cantu set angle but it really didn’t work. My question is should I just cut the perm out? Is that way my hair is so tangled on the ends? Washing and trying to de tangle my hair is like a 4 hour deal. Help! Tangle hair girl! Lol

    1. Hey.. I think you replied to my post… But I don’t see it.. Can you repost or send me a message. Thanks

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