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The brands in our marketplace work for ALL types but are personally vetted and hand-picked to deliver optimal results for type 4 hair, as this hair type is prone to more dryness. All of the products in our shop are black woman owned and have proven to deliver their curlfriends results.

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Founder, Ariane Williams

In 2010, I created Black Naps to blog about my natural hair journey and to share helpful tips with others. Fast forward to present it has evolved into something much more.

Black Naps offers its own brand of products in the Reclaim Your Crown collection as well as product lines from Black Woman Owned vendors. You can also kick back here to enjoy style ideas and a library full of free information that will guide you on the path to healthier hair. I am proud to offer representation for coily hair types, showing type 4 ladies that they can embrace their kinks with pride.

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  1. Mevis Harris says:

    If I order today wil it be free shipping because of cyber Monday? I would like to order the safflower whipped shea butter cream for $9.99

  2. Desiree says:

    I have very dry scalp right now I’m using the as I am product I moisturize with the double butter cream moisturizer that they have. I use that everyday and I try to grease my scalp with jojoba oil, and I still end up with dry scalp what should I do?

    1. Try adding a few drops of tea tree oil to your jojoba oil (this will help with itchiness). Go light on the oil when you apply it to your scalp, too much will cause buildup and make your hair itchy. For more relief try shampoos and conditioners with tea tree in it like Trader Joes.

  3. I need to add this to my former post..
    should i use a moisturizer.?. if so… what type should I use and what should I do to grow my hair longer..
    I’m from Nigeria

    1. Yes, you must use a moisturizer. Use water or water based leave in conditioner. Then seal the moisture in with a butter or oil.

  4. Hi. I’ve been natural for many years. I have worn braids for most of those years. Then one day I let myself get talked into a perm. DISASTER! My hair fell out and I still have the scars on my scalp. My hair grew back in w/the help of a friend from Ethiopia, braids, faith and a lot of crying. But now eons of years later, my hair has begun to thin on top, due to psoriasis, diabetes and hormones (menopause waiting in the wings). I occasionally still braid with small braids, use extensions sometimes and do mainly twists. I keep moisture with water every day and essential oils (coconut, rosemary, sage, geranium, castor & jojoba oils, etc.) But I still have the scaly psoriasis scalp, and my hair is not growing like it used to. Because of the thin crown and immense flakiness, I’ve started wearing a wig and a cover. I’d like to be able to wear braids more often to help my hair grow, but worried about attaching to my crown. It really helps when I swim to do this though. My hair (that’s long) locs easily, if not braided or twisted. So I need advice about well it all, but mainly my thinning crown and extremely flaky scalp. What do I do next? Thanks.

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