Author: Antonia Patterson

10 Gorgeous Natural Hair Bridal Looks

Summer is here and bells are chiming as wedding season fast approaches. When it comes to picking out the perfect style for your wedding, the possibilities are truly endless for natural hair brides. Natural hair’s versatility makes it possible to rock anything from locs, to stretched pompadours, to braided buns. Picking the perfect style is […]

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Why You Should Use Heat to Maximize the Benefits of Deep Conditioning

If you’re looking to infuse some serious moisture into your hair care routine, then a good deep conditioning treatment is what you need. It provides the hair with exactly what it needs to create the most defined curls and promote maximum health. It’s best to deep condition regularly or as your hair needs it. For […]

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How to Lay Your Edges Without Damaging Your Hairline

I’ll admit, I am a fan of laid edges. It elevates your styles and creates a nice neat look. But even though it looks great, laying your edges can also cause buildup, flakes and breakage over time. This is often a side effect of all the gel your using and the tighter the curl the […]

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The Best Techniques for Defining 4C Hair

Naturals with type 4C hair have our own unique hair journey. Our path to finding great products and styles that work and last can take a little longer than other naturals. Some techniques that work on other hair types might leave you with no greater curl definition and time wasted, but in combination with good […]

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Why You Should Use a T-Shirt or Microfiber Hair Towel to Dry Your Curls

image source: @nikiaphoenix If you are reading this, then you are probably someone who uses a towel to dry your hair. For many people this is the only way they know to dry their hair after a shower.  However, regular towels aren’t that great at absorbing a lot of moisture and can cause unwanted breakage […]

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