Author: Mumbi Dunjwa

My name is Mumbi Dunjwa and I developed the Naturaz Hair Care line to help women like myself with dry, very curly, coily hair. My hair, which I've always worn natural, was always a challenge to manage and it tangled a lot. I was determined to find a solution. Learn more about me and Naturaz at
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Texture Change Can Happen Naturally Using 0 Chemicals

By Mumbi Dunjwa, Naturaz hair You might be wondering how I can say such a thing right?  Or maybe you’ve experienced a change in your natural hair texture and you get it. If you want to experience real change in the texture and look of your hair, stick with one highly moisturizing product line for at […]

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The Best Types of Natural Hairstyles for Toddler Girls

Maybe you were like me and couldn’t wait until you could try a twist out or braid out on baby girl. Then you tried it and said “oh no”. Toddlers aren’t the least bit concerned about how their hair looks. They are too busy rummaging through cabinets, jumping on the sofa, rolling around on the […]

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This Valentine’s Week Show Your Hair Some Love

By Mumbi, of How many of you struggle with your curly or coily hair?  The fact is that black women for years have been disconnected from their hair, swayed by our inner beliefs and external influences about what a beautiful head of hair should look like. Although I’m a life-long natural, I have to […]

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So What Are You Putting On Your Hair? Is It Good For You?

This post is by Mumbi, of Many of you reading this article might identify with stories about effects of products that we use on our bodies, hair or foods that we ingest into our bodies for nourishment. You probably wonder what to buy when you get to a beauty shop or to a super […]

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10 Tips to Save Your Hairline

Many of the hair loss challenges that women with curly or coily hair face can be attributed to two conditions namely: traction alopecia and chemically induced alopecia.

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