Author: Jonna

Jonna is a style, beauty and lifestyle blogger, freelance writer, event coordinator, and wife. She writes on to share her passion for natural hair, health, style, beauty and events. From healthy eating to product reviews, hair style tutorials to makeup looks, budget- friendly fashion to event recaps – Jonna covers that and more!
Natural Hairstyles for Prom

7 Natural Hairstyles for Prom That Are Easy Enough to Do On Your Own

It’s officially prom season! Time for finding a dress, booking a makeup artists, and finding a hairstyle for your special night with your schoolmates. If you have naturally textured hair, there are so many options for hairstyles. The good news is you don’t have to straighten you hair to wear an elegant style. You can […]

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how to transition to natural hair fast

Ready to Go Natural? Here’s How to Transition to Natural Hair Fast

Transitioning from relaxed hair to naturally textured hair was probably one of the most challenging things I’ve done. I tried to transition for what was supposed to be a year, and ended up being 5 months. I couldn’t take it – I had no clue what I was doing! After a frustrating 5 months, and […]

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old school black hair products

Old School Hair Products: Good or Bad?

There are so many new and emerging hair care brands on the market now in response to the natural hair movement. Along with the new brands, there is a resurgence of some old school hair products that were popular when I was a kid. I recall attending a natural hair event, and during a panel […]

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3 Benefits of Lavender Oil and How You Can Use it in Your Hair Regimen

At Black Naps we think that lavender oil is so awesome we included it in our Safflower Whipped Shea available in the shop now! Lavender oil is an essential oil and one of the top aroma therapy oils. Cultures around the world have been using lavender oil for centuries. It is mild and soothing, and It’s […]

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5 Benefits of Adding Hot Oil Treatments to Your Haircare Regimen

Due to the texture of naturally curly and kinky hair, it is prone to becoming dull & brittle. Hot oil treatments can be beneficial for natural hair because they allow the nutrients in oils to penetrate the hair follicles.  Hot oil treatments can be done weekly or monthly depending on the needs of your hair […]

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