Author: Neisha

After chemically relaxing her hair for 23 years, Neisha decided begin her natural journey in 2012 and hasn't turned back. She loves to see other women embrace their natural beauty and enjoys sharing natural hair care tips with others!
breakage and shedding

Understanding the Difference Between Shedding and Breakage, How You Can Tell These Two Apart

Hair shedding and breaking are two different processes that some people mistakenly use interchangeably.  Knowing and understanding the difference is an important part of any healthy hair regimen.  Understanding the difference between these two forms of hair loss can help yo u to appropriate address the issues that cause these problems. What is Shedding? When […]

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Keep Hair Split End Free

4 Steps to Keeping Your Natural Hair Split End Free

  Other than trimming and cutting your hair, there is really no other way to get rid of split ends.  This is why it is important to avoid split ends altogether.  Split ends are weakened areas along the hair shaft where the cuticle is breaking apart and the cortex of the hair is exposed. When […]

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How I Cut My Hair Maintenance Time Down to 30 Minutes or Less

I can get a little lazy when it comes my hair care regimen and I am sure many of you can relate! Which is why I prefer to keep my hair routine hassle free and low maintenance.  I have managed to reduce my wash and moisturizing time down to about 30 minutes (compared to my […]

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What is Finger Coiling and How is it Done?

Finger coils are a great option for naturals of all hair lengths. Have you been dreaming of accomplishing this coily style? You have come to the right place to learn! Start by washing and conditioning your hair, then section my the hair into a small row to work with clip the rest out of the way. Within that row, […]

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Five Ways To Keep Your Natural Hair Looking and Feeling More Healthy

Keeping natural hair healthy isn’t difficult. However, it does require different and consistent methods of hair care. Because various environmental factors can strip your hair of its natural oils, it is essential that your hair care regimen includes moisturizing and sealing in that moisture. For healthy natural hair follow these five easy steps: 1. Moisturize […]

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