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omega 6 fatty acid

Fatty Acids Found in Hair Products That Are Good For Your Hair

When you are investigating the next hair product ingredient list, don’t automatically be alarmed by any  “acids” that you may see on the list. It is important that you become an informed consumer so that you aren’t possibly ditching a product that could be great for your hair. Some good sources of fatty acids include omega […]

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natural hair salon

Now That I am Natural, Should I Still Go To the Hair Salon?

So before you started making the transition from chemically treated hair to natural hair, you always went to the beauty salon to maintain your look. The end result – beautifully coiffed hair that made you feel like the world was your oyster – was something that you simply couldn’t wait to enjoy! But the whole […]

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moisturizing deep conditioner

Tips For Finding The Best Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Really good moisturizing deep conditioners are extremely hard to find. There are so many products that confront you via hair care care websites and brick and mortar stores that you hardly know where to start. So to make your life a little bit easier, here are some guidelines that will be helpful in determining which […]

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real shea butter

How To Pick Real Shea Butter, Avoid Processed And Fake Shea Butters

Shea butter is wonderfully versatile oil. It moisturizes, heals and beautifies all at once. To get the full benefits make sure you are getting real Shea Butter. I remember burning my hand once – it was a really bad burn – I had grabbed a skillet that had been in the oven for an hour […]

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does eating healthy make hair grow longer

5 Changes You Can Make to Your Diet for Healthly Hair and Body

 Healthy, beautiful hair doesn’t just happen. It takes concerted effort on your part to inform yourself about healthy choices, and it also requires firm determination to be able to follow through with making the necessary changes that will result in benefits. And interestingly enough, many of the nutrients that benefit hair also contribute to beautiful […]

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